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Dua Saleh is a multidisciplinary performing artist based in Minneapolis. Recently signed to AGAINST GIANTS, this artist is intent on developing music that is both sincere to their narrative and fluid for interpretation. Saleh’s art transcends traditional classifications and their work is in direct conversation with people at the margins of reality.

Within their first few years, Saleh won the 2017 VERVE Grant, contracts with agencies such as Button Poetry, song premieres with station’s such as Minnesota Public Radio's "The Current", and directing positions with companies like 20% Theater. This emerging artist has also gained attention in the film world as a performer, landing the lead in Sweetness of Wild, WAAFRIKA 123, and having composed work for the MN KINO Film Score Fest

Though gaining attention as a performing artist, Dua Saleh has primarily been known for political organizing and workshop facilitation throughout the state of Minnesota. Dua has previously been granted funding through Wellstone Action, The Jay and Rose Phillips Foundation, The US Human Rights Network’s FIHR program, and more.