Dua is a multidisciplinary performing artist based in Minneapolis. Within the first few months of their career, this artist won the 2017 VERVE Grant, a contract with Button poetry, a song premiere on Minnesota Public Radio's "The Current", curating positions within organizations such as Patrick’s Cabaret, artist showcases through platforms such as Amnesty International and Sofarsounds for their #GiveAHome benefit show, and much more. Within the past year, this artists has graced stages like First Avenue Main Room, Button Poetry, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Five Watt, The Illusion Theater, The Cedar Cultural Center, Intermedia Arts, and so on.

Dua is also not limited to the music and poetry world. This budding artist has also gained attention in the film and theater world as a budding director and performer. Dua began this journey by landing a primary role in the indie web series  Sweetness of Wild participating in Free Black Dirt's production in Queertopia 2017, and having poetry featured in the film “Baptism” during the MN KINO Film Score Fest

Though gaining attention as a performing artist, Dua has primarily been known for political organizing and workshop facilitation throughout the state of Minnesota through organizations and programs such as Unchain Our Children, Fighting Injustice Through Human Rights and more. Dua hopes to explore art as a means to engage in complex expressions of humanity.